Debt Settlement Services

Debt settlement occurs when a debtor negotiates a settlement amount for less than the outstanding balance on a debt.
Debt settlement services

We refer to Debt Settlement Services as anyone who assists consumers in re-addressing or eliminating debts between a consumer and a debt collector.

Debt settlement occurs when a debtor negotiates a settlement amount for less than the outstanding balance on a debt. This lower amount is agreed upon by the creditor or collection agency and is fully documented in writing. Ideally, this lower negotiated amount is paid in a lump sum, but it can also be paid over time. Negotiating and paying lower amounts to settle debts is much more common than many may imagine.

Debt settlement service

Why Would A Bank Settle Debts For Less?

At first glance, it may seem odd that banks are willing to settle for less than they are owed. However, banks are aware of the statistical certainty that not all borrowers to whom they extend credit will repay.

While it is true that the banks' carefully formulated loan model accounts for defaults. Knowing this makes it easier for a debtor to know that there are many ways available for settlement. From a bank's point of view, as an account becomes more delinquent, the possibility of receiving further payment progressively decreases.

In fact, roughly 80% of all accounts that go unpaid for more than ninety days are sent to:

  • Collection agencies
  • Law firms
  • Sold to debt buyers

However, they never result in any additional payment.

Banks and other lenders, however, focus on losing as little as possible. Recognizing that taking a smaller slice of the pie is better than getting nothing in return.

Debt Settlement Service Basics

Uno of the basic concepts of liquidating is non-debt without any guaranteesuch as credit cards. This type of debt is known as unsecured, because there is not something you can take for not paying. Now, when it comes to deciding which cards to upgrade there are several things that think and take into account.

However, it should be noted that the debt settlement will only be done on an account that is three months or more past due. The best savings are made when an account is close to the state of being paid off. Because a bank is anxious to do business and collect a settlement.

It takes several months of late payments for an account to approach payoff status. It is best to leave cards with low balances of $1,000 or less out of any payoff plan. This is because late fees coupled with higher interest rates that often result in late payments will significantly increase the debt balance as a percentage.

This often brings some final settlement close to the break-even point for your out-of-pocket costs. If only you had continued to make smaller payments without causing further damage to your score de credit.

Finally, if you have small balances that have already been erased, you should add that debt to your plan. Even if the balances have grown due to missed payments and the damage to your credit score is already done.

Be aware that a formal debt management program works by doing business with creditors. This is to reduce the interest charges that apply to your debt. Creditors also stop penalties, including the penalty APR. 

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