How to Make Credit in the United States as a Foreigner

How to Make Credit in the United States as a Foreigner

It is very important to have credit, so we will share with you 6 steps that will lead you to success.

Undoubtedly, having a credit card in the United States is one of the best ways to start building and obtaining a solid financial freedom in the medium and long term, because a credit card opens possibilities that are generally limited for people who only use cash; that is why when you are a foreigner and do not know how to get credit in the United States, you can make many mistakes. The ideal is to start with safe and proven steps that will allow you to achieve your goal.

1. Try to use the bank presence or agreements that you used in your country.

Your local banks may also have a presence in the United States. Investigate if this is your reality, because if the bank you used to use in your country has a presence or alliances here, it might be easier for you to build credit. Try to contact them to understand what benefits or benefits you could obtain. Be careful: this is as long as you have been in good financial health previously.

2. Get a credit card as a beginner

No credit score does not mean that you cannot apply for a credit card; you can always look for card options designed for people with no financial basis or backing. Among the main categories we have:

Secured cards

Through a small deposit that will serve as a guarantee to the bank, you will be able to access a card; but you must keep in mind that little by little, and through its good use, you will be able to access better benefits and scores.

Cards for people with limited or no credit

Designed so that almost anyone without a credit score can obtain them. They do not provide the same benefits as a secured card, since a deposit or guarantee is not always required, but they are a good option to get started.

3. Lean on a family member with credit.

This is another good strategy for building credit in the U.S. If you have a family member who already has a credit card, you could ask them to add you to their list of additional authorized users of their credit card. While this requires a large vote of confidence, it could help you leverage both the other person's good credit and help you build your own in less time. 

4. Use "reverse credits".

It is very common to come across Credit-Builder Loan products or the famous "credit builders" in the United States. What are they? Well, they are financial products that are literally credit in reverse. Instead of lending you the money so that you have to pay Afterwards, they open a credit account where you deposit the monthly installments. When you finish paying off the loan, they pay you back in full. It sounds strange, but it is a very good strategy to build fast credit in the United States.

5. Use a guarantor or co-signer.

If you have a close friend in the U.S., you may be able to convince him or her to help you build your credit history by serving as a guarantor or co-signer on your loans. The effort of both of you can help significantly in applying for credit and, with it, you will have the opportunity to start building credit in the U.S. as a foreign national.

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